Sunday, November 8, 2009

Going Well

It's been a great first two nights. Nana got here yesterday and that's been huge. We are learning to balance everything new. Little Taylor hardly makes a peep and LOVES to sleep. I'm hoping to capture a short video of her awake soon. We've got some great pictures finally with her eyes open, I'll have to share.

It's quite the feeding demand right now. Not only do we do the bottles every three hours, then there is the need to pump ,then measure bottles and add formula. Whew! All to start over again :). I'm looking forward to the time when we can just nurse.

Taylor will meet with her Pediatrician, Dr. Hurwitz tomorrow. I'm really curious to see how much she gained these past two days at home. It will be nice to have all our questions answered that we didn't yet know to ask when we left the hospital. This is the same pediatrician that gave us the news about Taylor's down syndrome shortly after she was born. She was so loving and wonderful through the whole thing and is very well knowledgeable in this area. I know that was just one more touch of God working out all the details.

There are so many people who have called us who either have a child with DS or are close to one that they know. The information, support and stories from these people has been awesome.... Such amazing, positive things. Once things settle, Aaron and I really want to find some time to meet with them and talk. We even have a family that go to our church that have a 2 year old daughter. We had even met her awhile ago during one of the services. I had turned around to greet them in service and she looked at me and held out her arms. I was able to hold her for a few minutes. Aaron and I had talked later about how cute and sweet she was. There are so many little areas we look back on now, wondering how much was of God preparing us.

We've been spoiled already from all our sweet neighbors. We had an amazing meal our first night, Taylor gifts and packages for the girls... it's too much. I can't express our gratitude enough and how much it touches us. I'm looking forward to sharing more of her with so many I love.


Lana Brouwer said...

Awesome, Erin! I look for your updates on this blog - it's amazing to me that you ever have time to do this! Just got back from another great church service, and was reminded about God's goodness, how He freely gives so much to us, but sometimes our hands are so full, we don't even recognize His gifts. He truly made each and every one of us perfect, in His image, only to glorify Him, and yet this world has such a distortion of what "perfect" is. I don't know if I can stand to wait until Christmas to finally meet Tay. Please know you guys are constantly in our thoughts and ever in our prayers as Taylore continues to grow and get strong. Love you so much!

Lana Brouwer said...

oops! typo - I mean Taylor! (I'm such a klutz!)

Martha said...

And our sermon today was about how God has promised to provide everything we need to carry out his plan in our lives. Of course we don't know HOW we can possible do it....that's the point, WE can't, but HE can through us.....and He will be glorified through it and we'll be blessed! And also of course He doesn't explain it all out to us ahead of time.....we have to just go by faith each day as He provides and it happens. That sermon was just for me I'm sure.
Love and prayers!