Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Sweet New Friend

This is Ella Grace (You should be able to click on her name to be able to go to her family's blog. She's a little star.). Isn't she cute?

We were grateful to finally meet, being her family lives so close to us. Thanks to one person sharing about Taylor, and so on, we were able to connect with Ella's Mom, Denise and arrange to get together. We had such a nice visit with this adorable, busy girl. Hayden and Ava just loved it too. It has been so helpful to be able to connect with other Mom's and share a little about our experiences. Denise has established a great group of friends through her blog and I'm looking forward to reading all about them over time.

Taylor had another appointment last week down at Children's Hospital. She had a full heart echo and chest x-ray done. All is still the same, as they expected. Doc did say everything looks balanced on both sides of her heart, which will make for an easy repair. Now that she is almost 4 months, we will be getting a call within the next few weeks to schedule a date for her surgery. We will keep you posted on all of that.

Everything seems to be going well otherwise. We did all come down with bad coughs and colds the past two weeks and Taylor was no exception. It was a little concerning for awhile but we were grateful it didn't turn into RSV. With a little inhaler and some antibiotics, she cleared up within a few days.

Taylor is up to about 10 pounds now and just getting cuter and cuter. (I have to refrain myself from posting a TON of pictures on here.) She still continues to sleep through the night. Her Physical Therapist comes weekly to work with her. Through lots of tummy time, we are helping her learn and get stronger in holding her head up. She has also discovered her little hands and has been reaching out to grab her toy rings.

Hayden and Ava are doing well. We're just trying to spend most our days plugging away here at home with school. There has been plenty of breaks and fun these past few months and now it's time to really get to work. :)

Day by day we grow and learn. We are so thankful God does not give up on us. Sometimes it does seem we have set backs, but soon enough, we feel as though were "back up." God is so faithful and we are still amazed how he continues to provide. We have finally planted our feet at our new home church, Faith Bible. We are certain, at this time, that this is where God would have our family grow, serve and fellowship.

Love you guys! Erin


Martha said...

Thank you Erin.....we are always so anxious for news,,,but know how really busy you must be...we really appreciate you making the time though to update us! DAILY, we are praying for you...please don't forget that!! We love you all!

EL said...

Thank you Aunt Martha! It's so comforting to know.. love you too.

Emily said...

I am so glad we have connected through this fabulous blog world! We've met Sweet Ella and her family a few times. LOVE and miss them dearly!

Carri said...

Great update and yea for new friends!!

Aunt Lana said...

Isn't technology wonderful, now? Being able to blog with updates, meet new friends,keep in touch, share thoughts and concerns AND answers to prayers! Thanks for keeping us informed, it's nice to be able to be more specific in our prayers, even though HE knows all about our prayers before we think them, huh? I feel so blessed to have Taylor in our life already - just wished we lived closer... Praise God for how well she is doing, and how God is already preparing her for her surgery with the right doctors, therapy workers, etc... Keep up the good work, Aaron and Erin!!! Love you!

Bethany said...

Hi Erin! Your daughter is soo cute! I just popped over from Denise's blog. I have two kiddos with DS ... one bio, one adopted. :) Welcome to the journey!! :)

mandd3 said...

Hi Erin, I came over from Denise's blog. Sweet Taylor is just beautiful. After seeing the picture on Denise's site I had to come and see more. It looks like she has two great big sisters also. I have a 13 month old son with DS and many other stuff that goes with it, and 7 and 9 year old girls. Congratulations on a lovely family.

Lori said...

Hi -
Found your blog via Sweet Ella Grace. Sweet little Taylor is such a gem! Can she get any cuter?
I love the picture on your first post of the Taylor on the floor and her big sisters in complete adoration of her =)
Congratulations on your special blessing!
You can find us at
- Lori