Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Psalm 111 couldn't put it more perfectly. I just needed make it known and give Him the praise due.

I have been in awe countless times of God's many provision in my life. And again, He never ceases to amaze me. With each kind, I learn more and more how faithful and great He is. I must trust in Him even when all seems uncertain.

Often I fall back, trying to carry on in my own strength or power, never measuring up. God has proven time and time again that when I let go and trust, He will sustain me/us. It may not always turn out my way, or what I expect, but His will is always best....and often times, more than expected! Remember.....God is faithful!! He does not fail, His Word is certain and He will not forsake you... I will continue to surrender my life to Him.

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Heidi said...

You said that so beautifully! God is so faithful!