Wednesday, November 25, 2009

God Continues to Provide

Taylor had her assessment today at the Reginal Center. They did a full evaluation of her development (social, adaptive, fine motor, cognitive, communication, gross motor, ect...) concluding she is doing very well and is right where she should be. We were told a teacher will be available to come and work with her at home a few times a month, showing us things we can do to stimulate and encourage her. At 6 months she will be re-evaluated to check on her progress and development. They will adjust if needed any goals or plans for whatever developmental delays. All this is so encouraging to us. We are still learning all there is out there for support and guidance. More and more though we are amazed.. God is SO good.

We are enjoying our little girl more and more each day as she's really starting to respond to us. She LOVES being held.. and I love that about her ;). Yesterday afternoon Taylor was so alert, awake close to 4 hours straight! This then lead to 5 hours of sleep into the night.. AWE.. so nice :).


B said...

God is great!! All the time!!

Yeah I know you all hear that a lot but He really is and we all could use a little more realization of it. God has His hand on Taylor and your family and it is His family. We are already blessed but her and the situation.

What a GREAT think to be thankful for on Thanksgiving!

Aunt Lana said...

Taylor is growing SO fast! She looks awesome, guys! Getting into somewhat of a routine, Erin? You're pretty busy with 3 little girls. They are so adorable. Aunt Lana